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Temperate Introduced species

The Temperate Biome

The Temperate Biome
The danger of introduced species
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The Temperate regions are all around the world. The temperate shrubland and woodland region is located within the western costs of North and South America, areas around the Mediterranean sea,south Africa and Australia. The Temperate Rain forest is located within North Americas Northwest coast, chile, New Zealand, and Southern Australia. The Temperate forest is located in the following places around the world Eastern United States, Australia,Most of Europe, Southeastern Canada, some parts of Japan, and China. The temperate Grassland are located around the world within North Amerca, Eurasia between Ukraine and Russia,South America, and South Africa

Temperate Forest Biome
        The temperate biome consists of many regions the temperate Grassland temperate rainforest, the temperate forest and temperate woodland and shrublandThe Temerate forest Biome has four well distinct seasons. The seasons cosist of Summer, Autumn, Spring, and Winter. The biome consist of 140 to 200 days for the growing season. It has four to six months frost free months each year. The climate is moderate. Temperature varies from -30 degrees celcius to 30 degrees celcius. The biome doesnt recieve a ton of precipitataion just enough. It can recieve 75 to a 150 cm of rain throughout the year. The temperate biome recieves a lot of light for the growth of vegetation which in turn helps the animals grow. The soil is very fertile with decaying litter.

Flora and Fauna

  1. The Flora (plant life)  of the Temperate biome consist of 3-4 tree species per every square Kilometer. The trees are characterized by the broad leaves and if the leaves fall off anually.  Some of the species are oak, hickory, beech, hemlock, maple, Basswood, cotton wood, elm, willow, and spring flowering herbs.
  2. The Fauna (animal life) consist of squirrels, rabits, skunks, birds, mountain lions, bob cats, timber wolf, black deer, duckbill platypus and much more.

AbioticFactors Of the temperate biome
Some abiotic factors of the Temperate biome is that it has wet,cool winters, dry,hot summers,fertile soil and ocassional fires. In some regions of the temperate zone the soil is thin and has poor nutrient soil. Also other factors could be the warm summers.