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Temperate Introduced species

The danger of introduced species

The Temperate Biome
The danger of introduced species
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Eartworms are considered invasive species of Northern Temperate forests of the U.S.

There are many problems with introduced species. One problem is that they bring new diseases to the new land. Another problem would be that the new species will leave behind its old predator and have nothing to keep it under control in number. The new species will have no new predator and will keep growing in size on the new land. They will crowd the other species and make them endangered or exstinct. Usually the non-native species takes the place of a great variety of native species. New species change the web of life in the new land, which they are inhabiting, which can lead to elimination of many native plants and animals. The new species find new food to take for themselves which in the end doesn't leave enough for the native species. 

The predaceous Northern snakehead is from China but has invaded Northern America

The case study is about Invasive Plants. A few alien species have been introduced purposly. Problems with the species are that they grow too fast in their new enviroments and tend to continue spreading at the exspense of the native land species. The plants adapt to the new habitat and take up all the food,water, and space and kill off a lot of native species. Plants like the kudzu was introduced to the U.S because it's beautiful and presentable.

Dama dama
Introduced into Britain for sport and as an ornamental piece

To prevent introduced species you have to learn how past introduced species have occured and to predicte future routes of infestation. Sometimes introducing a predator or paracite of a newly introduced specie will be effective but you must take care that the new pest will not grow in number. Political cultural and social concerns must be taken into account because a certain group of people may like the new specie.   

We think that many things should be taken in account of the dangers of introduced species. They should check everyone and everything to make sure no non-native species make it into that specific region. They should make this a legalized law. They should personally check each animal or plant life before it is transfers to a different country. Also make sure no one trys to delibratly take in any new species. 

There are many short term and long term affects if this problem of invasive species is not adressed. For one these invaders are ruinning the life of many native animals and plants. The invasive species are killing off the native species that other native species rely on. This means there will be less food for the native specie. Which in turn means the food web wiil get smaller and alot of native species will starve and become extinct. Each time another specie dies off the consumer that relied on that specific specie will have less food and wont grow in number. That is a long tem effect. Also it might ruin a whole ecosystem. Some other affects would be that there is more competition for the native species which could make that specie want to move.

Legislation acts have been passed on the topic of invasive species. Many acts have been passed on invasive species. Some acts are National Aquatic Invasive Species Act of 2005,Asian Carp Prevention and Control Act,National Invasive Species Council Act,Early Pest Detection and Surveillance Improvement Act,Great Lakes Invasive Species Control Act, and many others. So many laws have been passed but we cant do alot to stop invasive species because it will happen one way or another. No matter what species will always invade others homes and adapt themselves to the new place. Even with the laws we cant do much to stop invasive species.

Humans are also considered introduced Species